13/10/2019 - Thank you Donnavventura!

It's my last night in Iceland and I’d like to draw some conclusions. After all, this is the end of the first part of my expedition with Donnavventura.

Since last May many exciting and unusual things have happened and my life, along with my very self, have sensibly changed.

Donnavventura has taught me a lot and now I’m most reluctantly leaving the expedition as it’s time to return to my usual life and take care of my loved ones.

My experience with Donnavventura was a real new chapter of my life that I will never forget; that is to say, it was something which gave me the possibility of being what I am today, meeting wonderful new friends, visiting breath-taking places and making so many travel dreams come true.

It made me grow up, explore and challenge my very own limits. It also made me realize how important all my loved ones are and how priceless freedom can be.

I cried I laughed, I got incredibly excited, I was afraid, anxious, angry… I really experienced a full range of strong feelings and that was truly priceless. I also had to put my "real" life on standby, but it was really worth it!

I will always be extremely grateful to Donnavventura, there’s no doubt about it.

So, now it’s not “goodbye”, but rather “see you soon!!!”