20/10/2019 - Back to Donnavventura

It has now become a game, a sort of joke.
It’s always the same story, over and over again…

It always starts like... "Hey guys, I’m probably leaving soon…"
The same look on peoples’ eyes as they ask the same question: “Let's hear then, where to this time?"

"..Mmm, I can't tell you, but I promise I'll be back soon"

Envy and other mixed feelings from friends and relatives are something I’ve got used to and thus everything usually ends with a hearty “Good luck and have fun!”.

It has always been difficult for me to explain that a Donnavventuura expedition is definitely not a holiday. After all, going around the most amazing and dreamed of places in the world gives you a very different point of view and it’s hard to explain.

Friday, 18th

Frantic efforts to pack everything and painstakingly check every single detail of the forthcoming expedition filled everybody’s morning.
At some point, cameras, bags, radios, trolleys, hats, paperwork and tons of other things seemed to come alive.
But then, out of the blue, every single item found its right place, as if Mary Poppins herself had worked some true magic.

Ours is a brand new team. I’ve already traveled with two of the three girls in it: Annamaria – during the Summer Beach in Sardinia – and Stephanie – last year in Greece.
Francesca is the new recruit and the only blonde girl in the team.

I’m honestly thrilled to set off with this perfect mix of travel reporters; not to mention just how well I got on with those two veterans during the past expeditions. To top it all, our destination is a g-r-e-a-t one and…, well… I feel like telling you about it right now: where there’s a sea… there’s me as well!

Although I was there in the Maldives two years ago, I can’t say no to another exciting trip to such exotic and mesmerizing destinations, so… the sea is calling and Marianna is ready for it!