Donnavventura final selections in La Thuile, Valle d'Aosta, is a must-see event which takes place on July 19th-21st featuring 60 young women previously chosen throughout a full year of interviewing and screening.
On Friday, July 19th, a special coach will take all the attendees from Milan Central Railway Station to La Thuile, where more than ten Donnavventura veterans will be waiting at the base camp. Further auditions and proficiency tests will then follow.
The most jolly bunch of candidates will also receive the official welcome of the local authorities including, Mr. Mathieu Ferraris – the Mayor – and the representatives of local tourism, Piccolo San Bernardo Cableways, the Monte Bianco Army Barracks and some private voluntary worker associations.
The long weekend of tests and trials is made possible also by Ferrino, – the technical partner of many Donnavventura expeditions – with the supervision of Mr. Salvatore.
After registration and equipment collection, the candidates will be shown their tents and have dinner together. After nightfall everybody will experience the unforgettable and truly magic tradition of a "Donnavventura herbal tea" around the fire.
Ricola, and its world-famous yellow brand is once again partnered with Donnavventura, thus offering its unique herbal teas and 13-herb candies all over that hectic weekend.
Saturday, July 20th, will be packed with proficiency tests and above all TV screenings and auditions. The special selector Sebastiano Lombardi, covering each single part of the event, is also the director of Rete4 Italian TV channel.
The Instructors of the Mountaineering Ski Section of the Alpine Army Training Center, who have one of their facilities in the Monte Bianco barracks in La Thuile, will set up a spectacular adventure trail: a suspended bridge over the Dora River, a free climbing and a challenging cable car contraption. All the activities will be supervised by Major Davide Dallago.
The candidate Donnavventura reporters will face some test drives with the 4x4 JEEP vehicles, recently partnered for the first time. The drivers Matteo D’Amore and Mauro Trione will ascertain each single driver’s skills.
"La Thuile Beach" will once again be featured as part of the special Shiseido photo set, with sunscreens and solar make-up protection for all the participants.
As usual 24/7 healthcare and medical support at the base camp will be provided by Centro Diagnostico Italiano, founded 1975 and most successfully led by Doctor Bruno Restelli. The resident specialist will be Doctor Federico Callioni.
Glorious footage and pictures taken during the event, will be made possible by state-of-the-art photo/video equipment by Canon, partnered with SD, micro SD, Compact Flash and CFast storage by SanDisk.
On Sunday morning, July 21st, the candidates will show their "creativity" with their "personal show" in front of partners, sponsors, insiders and observers.
Then, the “super finalists” will be announced!
At 14.30 a special coach will take the other girls back to Milan, while the new team will move to the Monte Bianco Barracks: the new base camp for the forthcoming week of proper, final training. The new Team will be joined by Donnavventura veterans: ”Anna Maria, Ester and Lorena.Andrea Brancone, the "Acting Coach”", covers the new role of audio/video reporting assistant; as a matter of fact, a special TV episode of Donnavventura will cover the very Valle d'Aosta for the first time; thus the audience will discover its enchanted castles, valleys, traditions and food culture through the eyes and the words of our newly-appointed reporters.
A member of the team will also be tasked with social media management, thus becoming a “Social Donnavventura” to further improve web and digital media presence.
Last but not least, professional rally driver Giacomo Ogliari, also a Federal Instructor for C.S.A.I., will offer further training to the members of the Donnavventura expedition team.
As usual, official clothing is provided by Alviero Martini 1A Classe and its brand-new “Capsule Collection”: a true total look range of clothes, including shoes, luggage, travel accessories and swimsuits.
AITR – the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism – will be heralded throughout the weekend by all the Donnavventura candidates organizing their explorations thanks to the comprehensive and detailed maps provided by the Touring Club Italiano, another institutional partner of this successful TV format.
CTE is once again offering its wide range of professional equipment, thus ensuring seamless and reliable communication using Midland walkie-talkies and radios.
Allianz Global Assistance, a true leader in travel insurance, is once again partnered with Donnavventura, offering complete International coverage with its numberless worldwide representatives.
At the end of the exciting final selection event, the protagonists of the new Donnavventura expedition will be chosen amongst the wittiest, the most photogenic and the best at mastering all the technology used for the TV production; not to mention outstanding driving skills and comprehensive acknowledgment of the very TV series quintessence.
The final results, featured in the special TV episode dedicated to Valle d’Aosta, will air on Sunday, September 8th at 2.00 pm on Rete4.