The Donnavventura expedition, which left from Lugano in early September, has already traveled northbound for thousands of kilometers through central Europe, following a scenic route in Switzerland, the Black Forest in Germany and the plains of Denmark. It has then sailed to the far north to reach the Faroe Islands and fabled Iceland.
The colorful Wrangler 4x4 Jeeps have thus reached cozy medieval towns and villages and reached wild and pristine lands.
The Swiss Confederation has always many surprises in store, including mountain landscapes with breathtaking routes and exciting activities like Jet Boat rides on Lake Brienz. Beyond the Oberalp and the Gotthard pass, the caravan exchanged a mild September temperature with some thick fog and snow that plunged the whole landscape in a surreal winter season, later reaching Blausee lake through sapphire tinted forests.
A visit to one of the six Ricola Herb Gardens in Kandersteg could not be missed: there one can learn about the 13 aromatic herbs, blooming in the perfect habitat with the unmistakable aroma. In the city of San Gallo the Donnavventura explorers enjoyed a private tour of the beautiful and ancient Library, part of the World Heritage by UNESCO along with the quaint abbey. The Lake Constance area and the scenic Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen concluded the Swiss part of the expedition.
The team then drove through Germany, along the evocative clock road, running across the Black Forest and the Baar plateau, from Baden Baden and its ancient aristocratic charm to rich cities like Frankfurt and Hamburg. The latter also thrive as capitals of fashion, art and design. What a great educational opportunity for our Donnavventura explorers!
In Puttgarden harbor the caravan embarked for Denmark, a very different country with flat landscapes and a most peaceful atmosphere. Copenhagen was certainly one of the most stimulating places to visit. The Donnavventura travel reporters were lucky enough to visit the CopenHill waste-to-energy plant, where technological innovation, sustainability and design merge, changing the skyline of the Danish capital. That facility ranks among the most advanced and performing in the world and is about to become a hub of first-rate tourist attractions, just a few kilometers from the city center.
On October 4th, the ski slope on the summit of Copenhill was officially opened, and the Donnavventura expedition had the privilege of premiering this state-of-the-art track thanks to Camilla Ronchi, a veteran of the TV program.
The team then boarded the Norrona heading to the Faroe Islands, one of the most evocative destinations of the North Sea, with breathtaking views and rich in ancient traditions. Impressive wind turbines, secluded ponds, pristine meadows, grazing horses and sheep eventually welcomed the arrival of the Donnavventura expedition. Iceland was the end of the first part of the Donnavventura 30th Anniversary adventure.
The team crossed this enchanted country starting from the East along the "Ring Road", covering more than a thousand roads of all kinds. Lunar landscapes pinpointed green meadows in a most unique and mesmerizing landscape!
The Stokksnes Nature Park and its volcanic sand beach preceded the visit to Vatnajökull, one of the largest European glaciers, featuring eerie fog, icebergs and sea lions in abundance. Then our team reached Gullfoss waterfalls, a true wonder of nature and the very symbol of Iceland – they’re also called “the golden waterfalls”, because on sunny days the sun indulges aplenty with the crystal clear streams. And how can the travel reporters forget the Geyser Area, dotted with craters and jets of fierce vapor? The largest geyser can reach up to seventy meters in height! Then there was the Blue Lagoon, featuring its distinctive deep shade caused by the high percentage of silica used by the local geothermal installation.
Finally, the capital city of Reykjavík welcomed the team with unexpected colors and liveliness; a most important crossroad for many travelers who, like Donnavventura, want to experience the true essence of traveling, discovering customs and traditions of each single destination.
Volcanoes, enchanted woods, turf-roofed villages, spectacular lava beaches, natural spas and glaciers mesmerized our reporters, who also experienced a most unusual climate, while discovering much more about local mysticism and Viking legends most unique in their kind.
The first part of the journey has thus ended and now the Team is setting off towards much warmer destinations, with completely different colors and flavors!
This year Ricola partners again with the expedition customizing the official vehicles with the colors of its world-acclaimed products. The inimitable candies made with 13 herbs and herbal teas - extremely refreshing and suitable for every moment of the day - will offer some well-deserved treats along the journey of our Donnavventura reporters.
The official adventure clothing is once again provided by historical partner Alviero Martini 1A Classe and its brand-new “Capsule Collection 2020”: a true total look range of clothes, including shoes, luggage, travel accessories and swimsuits.
This very new adventure celebrates the 30th anniversary of Donnavventura and features, for the first time, a most important partnership with Jeep, the official supplier of the new expedition vehicles – the colorful Wrangler 4x4.
The four cars will feature award-winning BFGoodrich tires, used on the most treacherous and challenging explorations for 150 yers. As a matter of fact, the Donnavventura caravan will use a special All-Terrain version of these famous tires, for extremely safe and exciting driving.
Our travel reporters will be offered professional skincare by Shiseido WASO products, made with the safest and best ingredients based on Shiseido’s own unique standards, providing true nourishment for the skin, never compromising on its thorough protection.
True “priceless” shopping experiences will be guaranteed by the partnership with Mastercard, while our protagonists will introduce some brand new, safe and easy ways to make purchases abroad while travelling.
Turisanda, offering “unmistakable journeys since 1924”, is partnered as well with Donnavventura, in order to provide thorough professional support during the whole expedition.
Allianz Global Assistance, a true leader in travel insurance, is once again partnered with the Donnavventura expedition, offering complete International coverage with its numberless worldwide representatives.
Ferrino, another historical partner - will provide all the outdoor equipment – including its award-winning rain jackets - required to support and make the whole expedition another outstanding success.
AITR – the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism – is once again heralded by the travelling team of the Donnavventura young explorers who organize their movements thanks to the comprehensive and detailed maps provided by the Touring Club Italiano, another institutional partner of this successful TV format.
The breathtaking footage and pictures taken during the expedition, will be made possible by state-of-the-art photo/video equipment by Canon.
SD, micro SD, Compact Flash and CFast cards by SanDisk will be offered to our reporters, along with iXpand storage solutions and USB 3.0 Dual portable Drives.
CTE is once again offering its wide range of professional equipment, thus ensuring seamless and reliable communication amongst the team members of the expedition using Midland walkie-talkies and radios.
As usual, Centro Diagnostico Italiano is offering its 24/7 medical support to the travelling team, from its HQ in Milan, Italy, founded back in 1975. Led by Doctor Bruno Restelli, many specialists will be able to provide any sort of medical assistance to the Donnavventura TV crew.

The Donnavventura team will thoroughly and most responsibly discover and report about some most breath-taking locations and places around the world with the unique twist of each single participants’ skills. After all, Donnavventura is all that and exactly what each single young woman can add to an already fascinating and most unique and always celebrated adventure.