13/10/2019 - An update about my experience

This first part of the Donnavventura expedition has come to an end. The first few weeks werenít easy at all, I still remember the insecurity of the first audio-video tests, the hours spent working in front of the computer and the weariness after driving long hours.
But then, slowly, everything seemed clearer. Thanks, above all, to the valuable advice of veterans: Anna, Lorena, and Ester.

Iíd probably need to write a book in order to tell you everything about my experience so far, but Iíve got to recap it all somehow.

There are things Iíll remember forever, like some typical Swiss huts, the most exciting ride on a jet boat, the awesome city ofCopenaghen, the visit to Copenhill, the Faroe Islands and the endless volcanic beaches in Denmark. And how could I possibly not treasure that delicious rhubarb cake, the spas, the magnificent glaciers, the impressive waterfalls and all the colors of Reykjavik?

Iíve seen real lava with my own eyes, strolled on volcanic plains dating more than 800 years ago and Iíve witnessed for the first time in my life those massive geyser jets. Now, I realize Iíve seen so many different and unforgettable things.

Sensations were endless but, Iceland was able to give me totally unique vibes that will remain with me forever.
After all, brand new Viking symbols tattooed on my skin are supposed to bring good luck, arenít they?

I will always remember our team of crazy adventurers, with different personalities, but so much in common in terms of eagerness to discover the wonders of our world together. It felt like being with real sisters!