20/10/2019 - From Iceland to the Maldives

We often say that we like striking contrasts. Itís always true and the title of this short travel report says it all.
My trip actually stopped in Denmark, where I had to leave the team for a few days to return home and celebrate the long-awaited wedding of Roberta and Andrea (congratulation guys!!!).

However, through the detailed accounts of my companions, I was also able to experience the thrill of crossing the endless Icelandic prairies, stare in complete awe at the gleaming blue shade of the icebergs and find solace in natural spas.

The transition to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean was therefore rather intense. In fact, after a brief stopover in Doha, we arrived in the Maldives: needless to say, a real heavenly place.

The view of the endless, enchanted strings of atolls from the plane is a great sensation, but flying over that very area on a seaplane literally takes your breath away with amazing coral reef featuring every single shade of blue on Earth.

We landed on Thudufushi, in the Ari atoll: a very tiny islet with white sand, blue water, and gorgeous palm trees all around. A perfect, iconic location that everybody has dreamed of at least once in their lifetime.

Right now, the gentle sound of the sea is lulling us, all around our magnificent villas built in the very middle of it. What a perfect way to go to sleep!