20/10/2019 - MY COMEBACK

A new beginning.
A new chapter to fill with new sensations and stories definitely worth to be told in detail.

Exactly a year ago my fifty days of expedition ended. A wonderful, unrepeatable experience, a journey that left an indelible mark on my soul. A most challenging, but extremely enjoyable adventure.

Today, a year later exactly, I’m on a pristine white beach, staring at the immensity of the Indian Ocean, in a corner of paradise on the island of Thudufushi - Ari Atoll, the Maldives.

I had not expected another call, but when the phone rang, I was enjoying the countryside in Pisa, tending to some beautiful horses.
I was thus asked to pack and get ready to leave on a second Donnavventura expedition quite shortly. I was on cloud nine!!!

It was a wonderful comeback and now I can’t wait to discover more, along another fascinating and most exciting journey around the world.
To top it all, the magic atmosphere of this place is stirring my soul and my imagination. The bluest ever waters are lulling me all around a fairytale-like bungalow and there’s snow-like sand everywhere… a true paradise on Earth!