23/09/2019 - My third week

Well, Iíd say so far, so good, upon reaching the end of the first quarter of this yearís Donnavventura expedition. We spent the third week in Germany, after visiting completely different, but just as interesting parts of Switzerland.
Driving along the Deutsche UhrenStrasse we caught a glimpse of a majestic cuckoo clock and we stared in awe at the huge SchwarzWald, thick with centuries-old trees.
Then we found out more about beautiful Frankfurt, second only to Berlin when it comes to new architecture and historical heritage.
I was totally struck by the contrast between tall skyscrapers and tiny, wooden huts which reminded me of Bruges, in Belgium.
We can also find this fascinating blend of different features among its inhabitants who come from all over Europe to discover, learn, work, study and live here.

After leaving Frankfurt we stopped briefly in Hamburg and then it was time to set off to beautiful Denmark. This one is a land I have always dreamed of visiting and for this reason I am appreciating everything ... really everything, starting from the landscapes and sunsets that are revealed behind the horizon.

Stay tuned for more, I canít wait to tell you more about my visit to gorgeous Denmark!