11/10/2019 - My adventure in Iceland

How do you calculate the intensity of aurora borealis?
What are the conditions necessary to see it?
Do percentages matter?
As with any topic, man always tries to define, label, make the uncertain predictable.
Even a natural phenomenon like this becomes an event to be taken into account when planning trips and flights at night.

We have looked for it in every corner of Earth. From Seydisfjordur to Reykjavik, from the Modrudalur prairies to the Hella lava deserts. Every single night could be the right one, according to our instruments and computer apps at least. But we were never successful.
And that made me think ...

We can try to plan everything, down to the smallest detail. But there will always be something unexpected and surprising.

Especially when you’re dealing with Mother Nature, an undisputed sovereign entity also in Iceland.
Everything up here is alive and kicking, even the rocks seem about to come to life in front of your eyes, with their most unusual shapes.
And I feel immensely small here. Like a child who wanders along wide roads and sees the world for the first time.

Each place is a brand new sensation to be savored. I can hardly control my emotions when I look at the horizon, it seems to have no boundaries.
As soon as I set foot on the black sand, I grabbed it and held it tightly in my fists to feel its consistency. And then I let it slip away, swept by the never-stopping wind.

The quiet after the storm.
This is how I would define my trip to Iceland.
The pieces of my soul have returned to their place, and everything has a new balance.
I am a sentimental person, I know, but I already know that when, tomorrow, I get on that plane, a tear will come down.
Thank you so much, Iceland. You were love at first sight.